Bruce John Stracke

Broker | Owner | first licensed 2001
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Stracke has a commercial real estate background along with experiences in development, design, and building commercial and residential projects in California, Utah, and Texas. After a successful career in the San Diego and Salt Lake City metro areas, Stracke moved his family from Utah to Kerrville in 2006. In 2010 he was a founding partner and primary broker at FORE Commercial.  Throughout his years in Kerrville Harvey Brinkman has been a mentor, partner, and friend.  Stracke bought Brinkman Commercial Properties becoming its primary broker in January 2015, while Brinkman remained on as a Broker Associate.  As broker for Brinkman Commercial Properties Stracke leads two related teams: one focused on sales and leasing commercial real estate; another designing subdivision, development and building projects here in the hill country.

Bruce enjoys exploring the outdoors: especially kayaking and hiking remote corners of the United States.  A graduate of the University of Utah, Exercise and Sports Science, BS’88, he spent two years as a professional river guide in Grand Canyon National Park and continues hiking, skiing and backcountry journeys with his wife of over 27 years, Julie Lipman Stracke.  Photography is a hobby you’ll see displayed on the walls of his office.  His three children, (Jordan, Drew, and Rebekah), humble him with their accomplishments and vision for the future they are working to create–